Ubesol joins the Spanish association of water supply and sanitation (aeas) in the ‘don’t feed the sewer monster’ campaign

05 Oct 2020
  • The goal is to raise awareness across society about the importance of responsibly using products that should not be flushed down the toilet.
  • Ubesol provides consumers with clear and concise information about where to dispose of all its products.

Ubesol is concerned about the environmental problem caused by the incorrect disposal of wipes, largely due to a wide variety of unregulated and confusing labels and consumers’ lack of knowledge. Therefore, to celebrate World Toilet Day, we joined the AEAS campaign ‘Don’t feed the sewer monster’.

This campaign aims to raise awareness among citizens about theimportance of using wipes responsibly and to emphasise that the only things that should go in the toilet are the 3 Ps: pee, poop and paper (products that comply with the UNE 149002:2019 standard), teaching them the difference between which products should and shouldn’t be flushed.

As a socially responsible company, we believe in the importance of responding to consumers’ lack of knowledge about the right place to dispose of wet wipes. There is a big difference between wet wipes and wet toilet paper, which affects how they break down, and disposing of each one in the right place is our responsibility to the planet.

That is why we actively participated as a member of the Technical Committee tasked with creating the new UNE 149002 Standard on Acceptance criteria for flushable products, which details the criteria that products must meet to be flushed down the toilet.

Furthermore, as part of our environmental commitment, all Ubesol products are updated to and compliant with the criteria established in the new Standard, and their labels contain informative icons indicating where the products should be disposed of.

Another initiative taken to raise consumer awareness was the development, with Stanpaof the Best Practices Guide to help society differentiate between wet wipes and wet toilet paper using clear and concise labels and a commitment to comply with the UNE 149002 Standard, to use these products responsibly.

All these actions and commitments are encompassed within one of the pillars of our strategic plan: the natural transformation. We have also joined the Global Compact, the United Nations’ highly important sustainability initiative aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development goals. We work particularly on SDG 6 ‘Clean water and sanitation’.

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