Ubesol contributes to 11 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals

03 Mar 2021

Our planet needs us and it is time to promote sustainable development

At Ubesol we have a firm commitment to sustainability and that is why we contribute directly to 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), promoted by the United Nations. This commitment is not only based on manufacturing natural products but on establishing the sustainable vision as a central axis of our business culture, which covers increasingly broad areas such as social action. We thus promote sustainable growth that achieves a balance between progress, social well-being, and environmental protection.

To this end, we carry out different initiatives in favour of sustainable development, among which our contribution to the SDG and the fact that 100% of the electrical energy we consume stand out come from renewable sources.

In addition, we apply ecodesign criteria to our products, with which we have managed to reduce 100 tons of plastic in the last year, and we promote circular economy initiatives together with our suppliers.

There is no planet B, therefore companies have a responsibility to take care of our environment.

Happy World Wildlife Day!

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