Maximum Quality

Maximum Quality

Rigorous production process

We ensure compliance with the strictest quality standards, with rigorous control systems to check 100% of the key parameters from the beginning to the end of the process.

Regulatory equipment

Our in-house regulatory department pays special attention to the development of new regulations in order to get out ahead of them.

Standardisation of materials

We require strict standardisation tests for components and hazardous goods to guarantee the useful life of the product.

Maximum traceability

We use Mesbook and SAP to log all manufacturing information from raw material to product shipment.

Continuous detection and control system

We extensively use matrix and linear detectors with artificial vision to ensure the quality of the finished product.


Our certifications

We audit suppliers to ensure all official quality standards are being met.

We do internal audits of good manufacturing practices.

If you wish to learn about our Integrated Management System Policy, you can request it at the following address:

Quality Wet Wipes

We have the most advanced installations and the best equipment for measuring, checking and verifying the safety of our wipes before they hit the market.


We ensure the traceability of all products and maximum safety. All the textile production lines have safety devices installed on the machines, and there are strict controls throughout the entire manufacturing process and restrictive quarantines following manufacturing to ensure maximum quality

Dispositivos de seguridad

Quality checks during the manufacturing process


Aging tests (stress cracking) on plastic material.


Impact tests on plastic pieces.


Intensive bleaching tests on multiple fibres.


Compatibility tests with more than 15 different surfaces.


Compatibility tests with cleaning products and detergents from the leading products on the market


Shrinking, traction and stretching checks.



Innovation is the key element that sets us apart and makes us more competitive

Development of state-of-the-art concepts

Our experience in the latest market and sustainability trends help us shape your ideas and design effective products.


Internal team of 30 people

Our versatility means we are ready to face any challenge.

Our formulation and development team can:

  • Develop any formula or fabric to meet any need.
  • In any format.
  • For any skin type.
  • In the most sustainable packaging.

Our marketing and design specialists will help you:

  • Define the very best product thanks to our knowledge of consumers.
  • Design attractive packaging for the developed product.
  • Focus your sales strategy.

Research - Specialisation

Specialists in textile fibres (viscose, cotton, polyester, polypropylene, PES microfibres, PES/PA bi-component microfibres, etc.) and manufacturing technologies (Needlepunch, spunlace, etc.)

Our continuous contact with formulation and trend leaders give us the competitive advantage of being able to get the latest formulas and the most important fabrics.

The most innovative raw materials.

The most biodegradable materials.

The most specialised suppliers.

Exclusive utility models and patents.

In-house laboratories

We have 2 laboratories spanning a total of 286m2 square metres with all the equipment needed to do physical and chemical testing and measure effectiveness within our facilities.


Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is part of our DNA. We develop internal projects to improve our entire portfolio of existing products



Major production capacity to respond to high demands of products


Our production plants are equipped with advanced technology and our manufacturing services are based on flexibility and backed by decades of experience.

  • Production lines
  • White rooms
  • Automated warehouse

What sets us apart as manufacturers is that we extract the best from every machine, interconnecting them to get maximum productivity and equipping them with additional quality systems to ensure the safety of all the products we make.

The automation of our lines is what makes us more competitive each day.

Maximum flexibility

We adapt to the particular needs of each of our clients, offering a wide variety of: 

  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Quantities
  • Opening systems
  • Groupings
  • Logistics
  • Display boxes
  • Box
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