Our headquarters go green

05 Oct 2020

As a symbolic gesture of the importance of sustainability for the group, we transform our entire corporate identity from blue to green

In line with our 2020-2025 road map, we are immersed in the Natural Transformation and have included it as one our strategic pillars. The goal is for the company to become increasingly specialised and environmentally friendly, maintaining our leadership position in the Spanish market and becoming an important player in the European market.

As part of the Group’s clear commitment to sustainability, we are now signatory members of the Global Compact Network Spain  and we are implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), minimising or eliminating all impacts of our activities by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

As a symbolic gesture of our willingness and the importance of the commitment to the Group, we are transforming our entire corporate identity: going from the original blue we’re had for 40 years to green, so that our logo also reflects this paradigm shift.

Now it’s our headquarters’ turn, and they are in the process of ‘GOING GREEN’.

#NaturalTransformation #StrongerTogether

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