‘Let’s learn together’ presents the new line of baby wipes

05 Oct 2020

At Ubesol, innovationquality and sustainability are the pillars of our daily work.

That is why we put so much energy into adding new products to our range, developing formulas based on high-quality standards, researching new materials that are more sustainable, and innovating production processes to improve efficiency.

As a result of all this we have revamped the BABY WIPES category, with an updated range and an improved profile of formulas and perfumes.

To welcome this launch, last Friday we organised an internal event for our workers and their families called ‘LET’S LEARN TOGETHER’. There, we presented the category and heard from speaker Lucía Galán, ‘Lucía, mi pediatra’, who gave a talk on ‘Educating in emotions, theirs and ours’, about learning to listen to what our children need to develop freely while keeping in mind what we need to be happy.

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