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Moist Toilet Tissue

Personal Care

Moist Toilet Tissue

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We have extensive experience manufacturing moist toilet tissue, a category where we work with natural cellulose fibres that are biodegradable and flushable.

We offerĀ environmentally friendly products that make consumersā€™ lives easier and more convenient. Our company has also integrated part of the necessary tests for validating product flushability, to verify whether it or not products can be flushed down the WC. We were also part of the Technical Committee for the creation of the 149002:2019 standardĀ to define flushability criteria, which of course we comply with. We have also participated in other national projects, including the project to create the Code of Good Practices for Wipes and Moist Toilet Tissue led by STANPA, among other initiatives.

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Types of formulas

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