We are stronger together

Our thanks to all of you who make up Grupo Ubesol for making it possible, with great effort and involvement, that supermarkets continue to have products on their shelves

We are currently living in an extraordinary situation as a result of the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic; an epidemic that has forced us to change the way we live and how we behave in our day-to-day lives.

We know that this situation is very difficult for everyone, and on behalf of myself and of the entire management team, I would like to extend our gratitude to all of the healthcare staff who are working directly with those who have been affected most, to the supermarket staff who are doing all that they can to ensure that the population continues to have access to all of its supplies, and to our suppliers, who have demonstrated great commitment and dedication to meet the extraordinary demands for supplies.

But we have left our most important thank you for last. We would like to thank those people who are working behind the scenes to ensure that the supermarkets shelves are fully stocked when they open their doors each day, to ensure that there are no product shortages and that the population is fully supplied.

That is why we want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES MORE to everyone who forms part of this great company, Grupo Ubesol. This miracle is only possible thanks to your enormous efforts and commitment, you have risen to the occasion and demonstrated day in, day out that you really are the Group’s most important asset and the reason why we are able to provide such a great level of service in response to these extraordinary circumstances.

As a sign of our commitment to society, as well as considerably boosting our productivity and working flat out to guarantee the supplies of our essential products, we have also adapted our manufacturing processes to be able to include Hand Sanitiser in our product portfolio. Both the healthcare authorities and the government recommend using hand sanitiser to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and as expert manufacturers, we considered it to be our duty to begin to manufacture this product in order to meet the needs of our society.

That is why we would like to give a special mention to all of those who are working so hard to fulfil our duty to society by producing as many hand sanitisers as possible.

However, despite the great efforts that we are asking of all of our staff, the Management Committee has not lost sight of the Group’s main objective; to limit the impact of this pandemic on the health of our employees by minimising the risk of contagion. That is why we have drawn up an Internal Action Protocol to boost our hygiene measures, minimise contact between workers as far as possible, and enable people to work remotely in the positions for which this is possible, in addition to other measures which we are updating on a daily basis.

These are difficult times, and now more than ever, it is important that we are all working together and pulling in the same direction with a common goal.

Hydro-alcoholic hand wipes, always have them with you


The 75% hydroalcoholic wipes offer deep cleaning and hygiene of hands, to enjoy maximum safety and peace of mind

Hand hygiene is fundamental. Nowadays, it is extra important to ensure our hands stay as clean as possible, given how exposed they are, in order to avoid health problems. That is why we must always have useful solutions available to maintain the best hygienic conditions.

Our 75% hydro-alcoholic wipes provide deep cleaning and sanitising of the hands, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re safe. They are very practical and easy to take with you wherever you go. Use them!

Characteristics of the 75% hydro-alcoholic hand wipes

Discover our effective and convenient 75% hydro-alcoholic wipes, to make sure your hands are always clean and safe in any situation that could compromise your health and that of those around you. Here are their main characteristics:

  • These wet wipes are impregnated with a hydro-alcoholic formula that deeply sanitises the skin.
  • They are the perfect size for cleaning hands: 140 x 160 mm.
  • They come in convenient and practical single-dose sachets so you can take them anywhere.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • 75% Alcohol.
  • This product contains glycerine to leave your hands feeling smooth and moisturised.
  • No rinse.
  • Do not use on children or people who are sensitive to the ingredients

Our headquarters go green

As a symbolic gesture of the importance of sustainability for the group, we transform our entire corporate identity from blue to green

In line with our 2020-2025 road map, we are immersed in the Natural Transformation and have included it as one our strategic pillars. The goal is for the company to become increasingly specialised and environmentally friendly, maintaining our leadership position in the Spanish market and becoming an important player in the European market.

As part of the Group’s clear commitment to sustainability, we are now signatory members of the Global Compact Network Spain  and we are implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), minimising or eliminating all impacts of our activities by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

As a symbolic gesture of our willingness and the importance of the commitment to the Group, we are transforming our entire corporate identity: going from the original blue we’re had for 40 years to green, so that our logo also reflects this paradigm shift.

Now it’s our headquarters’ turn, and they are in the process of ‘GOING GREEN’.

#NaturalTransformation #StrongerTogether

We replace our fleet with hybrid vehicles bearing the “zero emissions” label

We replace our fleet with hybrid vehicles in order to reduce emissions

Reducing annual C02 emissions by 4 tonnes, adopting the ZERO EMISSIONS LABEL and contributing to 6 SDGs.

In line with the road map of the 2020-2025 STRATEGIC PLAN and as members of the Global Compact Spain Network, we replaced our fleet of vehicles bearing the ‘C’ Label with vehicles bearing the ZERO EMISSIONS LABEL from the Spanish Traffic Directorate, directly contributing to 6 of the SDG and reducing ANNUAL EMISSIONS BY 4 TONNES.

We also work with local companies: these hybrid vehicles were made entirely in Spain, specifically at the Ford Motor Company factory in Almussafes, which manufactures the Ford Kuga PHEV, and which is an hour and a half from our installations in Ulldecona (Tarragona) and Atzaneta d’Albaida (Valencia).

This commitment advances the Group’s natural transformation.

#WeAreSustainability #ReducingTheCarbonFootprint #SDG #MadeInSpain

Grupo Ubesol has transformed by intensifying its production rate to be able to meet market demands during the covid-19 crisis

  • The company has joined the #ESTONOTIENEQUEPARAR (#THISNEEDNOTSTOP) platform, joining forces with more than 3000 companies to emphasise the efforts which have been made by the workers.
  • Thanks to its more than 40 years of experience in developing and manufacturing personal care and household cleaning products, Grupo Ubesol has been able to quickly and effectively adapt to this situation and meet the considerable demands for its products.

After almost two months of lockdown, and with the de-escalation process now under way, Grupo Ubesol’s production rates remain high given the great demand for personal hygiene and disinfecting products which it has experienced since the Covid-19 health crisis began in our country.

To be able to deal with this situation, Grupo Ubesol has added extra shifts and has reinforced its workforce by taking on approximately 30 new members of staff. However, thanks to the company’s extensive expertise, its team of professionals, its installations and its large productive capacity, it has been able to react quickly and adapt to the situation. The company has been able to adapt to these circumstances thanks to its 40 years of experience in the sector and its Lean Manufacturing philosophy, which focuses on the continuous improvement and optimisation of the production system.

The increase in production has focused, above all, on specific personal care and household cleaning products. The company has also adapted its production lines, and has included new essential products (which they are specialist producers of) in their portfolio.

Grupo Ubesol has adapted its installations, productions and manufacturing processes to be able to work at a dizzying rate in order to ensure the provision of hygiene and cleaning products in all homes, while also guaranteeing that it complies with the relevant safety measures. For this purpose, each of the companies that form this Group (Ubesol and Laboratorios Maverick) has set up Covid-19 Management Commission, which is comprised of the corresponding departments. These commissions have drawn up the corresponding Internal Action Protocols, enabling them to respond to the different instructions that come from the competent Administration. As well as ensuring the widespread usage of masks by allocating these on a regular and systematic basis, hydroalcoholic gels are also available for the workers in all of the common areas in the production plants and offices.

Since the beginning of this crisis, Grupo Ubesol has been contributed to different altruistic initiatives, collaborating with healthcare bodies, such as the IFEMA and La Fe Valencia field hospitals, care homes, fire brigades, law enforcement agencies and the city councils in the areas where its work centres are located.

The contribution to the social good, quality, innovation and improvement form part of the company’s DNA, and its main objective is to strive for excellence in each and every one of its products, ensuring the well-being of its consumers, by providing the best quality products at the best possible price.

This need not stop

Everything will be all right

130 people are successfully working remotely, thanks to the efforts of the Systems team and the dedication of all our workers.


Our offices may be empty, but we remain hard at work from home wherever possible.

We currently have 130 people working remotely thanks to the efforts made by the Systems Department during this time and the responsibility of all our employees to adapt to this new way of working.

 Our solid digital infrastructure, continuously technology updates, large servers, secure networks, portable equipment and having suppliers who are committed to us are the key factors allowing us to successfully work remotely.

Thanks to everyone for making it possible!

#ThisNeedNotStop #StrongerTogether #DigitalTransformation

All effort has its reward

We allocate about €500,000 in a Special Bonus for all the people in the group in compensation for the great effort they made

We are proud to have a large staff and so we would like to not only thank them in words, but economically as well. This month we are going to earmark nearly €500,000 for a Special Bonus for all workers to recognise all their hard work.

The bonus will be larger for jobs more directly related to production, because it was they who had the most to do with making sure we could contribute to society with the basic hygiene and cleaning products that were so necessary at that time.


We go green

We transform our corporate identity from original blue to green, in line with our firm commitment to sustainability

We are in the midst of a Natural Transformation and our business strategy is proof, prioritising sustainability in all our activities.

At Ubesol group we have taken another step forward in our strong commitment to the environment, with a green transformation of our entire corporate identity, reflecting this paradigm shift in our logo.

 #WeAreSustainability #NaturalTransformation

Second national lean + industry 4.0 congress and ubesol group

Immersed in the Digital Transformation as one of our strategic pillars to become a great company and improve our competitiveness and efficiency, our Systems, Security and Standardisation Department Director Mauro Cardona Vilaplana spoke at the Second National LEAN + INDUSTRY 4.0 Congress.

There, Mauro explained the Digital Transformation process undertaken at Ubesol Group, stressing the importance of cross-communication of data from the plant to the ERP.

At this event, we not only shared our case study, but were able to experience virtual reality and the discuss the possibility of using it in occupational risk prevention. It was a beneficial event that let us learn from the experiences of other companies and discover new ways of working.

Ubesol joins the Spanish association of water supply and sanitation (aeas) in the ‘don’t feed the sewer monster’ campaign

  • The goal is to raise awareness across society about the importance of responsibly using products that should not be flushed down the toilet.
  • Ubesol provides consumers with clear and concise information about where to dispose of all its products.

Ubesol is concerned about the environmental problem caused by the incorrect disposal of wipes, largely due to a wide variety of unregulated and confusing labels and consumers’ lack of knowledge. Therefore, to celebrate World Toilet Day, we joined the AEAS campaign ‘Don’t feed the sewer monster’.

This campaign aims to raise awareness among citizens about theimportance of using wipes responsibly and to emphasise that the only things that should go in the toilet are the 3 Ps: pee, poop and paper (products that comply with the UNE 149002:2019 standard), teaching them the difference between which products should and shouldn’t be flushed.

As a socially responsible company, we believe in the importance of responding to consumers’ lack of knowledge about the right place to dispose of wet wipes. There is a big difference between wet wipes and wet toilet paper, which affects how they break down, and disposing of each one in the right place is our responsibility to the planet.

That is why we actively participated as a member of the Technical Committee tasked with creating the new UNE 149002 Standard on Acceptance criteria for flushable products, which details the criteria that products must meet to be flushed down the toilet.

Furthermore, as part of our environmental commitment, all Ubesol products are updated to and compliant with the criteria established in the new Standard, and their labels contain informative icons indicating where the products should be disposed of.

Another initiative taken to raise consumer awareness was the development, with Stanpaof the Best Practices Guide to help society differentiate between wet wipes and wet toilet paper using clear and concise labels and a commitment to comply with the UNE 149002 Standard, to use these products responsibly.

All these actions and commitments are encompassed within one of the pillars of our strategic plan: the natural transformation. We have also joined the Global Compact, the United Nations’ highly important sustainability initiative aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development goals. We work particularly on SDG 6 ‘Clean water and sanitation’.

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