Ubesol’s commitment to reducing material consumption saves 100 trees

Did you know that last year we managed to reduce 4,500 kg of cardboard? In other words, we managed to save 100 adult trees?

We achieve our commitment to the preservation of natural resources and the environment through the different actions we carry out throughout our value chain, including, for example, the optimisation of our product packaging.

So far this year we have reduced the plastic we use to 6 tons and, also, all the cardboard in our boxes, as well as office paper, is 100% recycled.

Sustainability, the core of our business culture

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our business culture, which is why we have taken specific actions in 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations.

Thus, for some years we have worked closely with our most important raw materials suppliers to reuse the packaging and return it to them, so that these materials can be incorporated back into the supply chain. This circular system includes the pallets, yarn spool fabric cones and cardboard box.

In this regard, we continue to work on expanding our sustainable supplier network and our goal is to increase the consumption of raw materials from renewable sources. Therefore, we have a short-term plan to increase the consumption of RSPO materials and FSC cardboard, among others.

Natural transformation occupies such a prominent place in our business that our R&D and innovation department is a critical element in developing and improving the products and materials used, anticipating the regulations, so that it is possible to produce much more sustainable products from the point of view of both formulation and the eco-design of the product.

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